Home Exercise Program & Patient Education

Home Exercise Program & Patient Education

Providing a home exercise program (HEP) to patients is one of the most fundamental and important aspects of physical therapy.

Our jobs don’t end after our patients leave the clinic for the day. In fact, most patients perceive physical therapy to encompass the entire injury recovery process—from initial evaluation to well past discharge, and at every step in between. If you can get your patients to adhere to their home exercise programs, you can simultaneously improve their outcomes and their perception of their experience with physical therapy at your clinic.

Our HEP are specifically designed for each patient to keep them engaged with their care by giving them a home exercise program they’ll actually use and love.

Patient Education

Our team is emphasizing on:

  • Educating patients on pain versus harm by explaining the nature of pain and nociception and suspending the belief that pain is an indicator of further tissue damage.
  • Reinforcing messages which reduce fear or anxiety about pain
  • Emphasizing the idea that exercise will lead to less pain, anxiety, and depression.
  • Countering maladaptive coping strategies
  • Employing motivational techniques and Motivational interviewing to set personal treatment goals
  • Managing expectations by educating patients the importance of their own HEP.